Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creativity in Alzheimer's Disease

I have found that creativity is not affected by deficits in memory or cognition. In my classes I have found that after the participants become aware and focused they can exhibit remarkable creativity. It happens after he or she has participated in the exercise program for around thirty minutes or so. Their attention is drawn to the music and they are instructed to “Listen to the music and let it guide you anyway you like” The exercise is facilitated with a scarf, ribbon or balloon. Take Lee, who I’d say is middle to late stage AD. He is amicable and tries but has very poor cognition. The gentleman next to him keeps chiding him which is not good for Lee’s self esteem. I began by placing my hands over his, holding the large balloon. As we began to move with the music and I saw that he understood I backed away asking him to continue. The transformation was astonishing. With a little encouragement he continued to interpret the music with amazing creativity. At the end I told how wonderfully he had done. It was a compliment he badly needed!

I’d be interested to know what experiences you have had regarding creativity with this population.


alzheimersspeaks said...

Great site. I loved your comments on Alzheimer's. In fact I added you to my blog roll on Alzheimer's Speaks and will be adding you to my resource site with the same name. Here are the links if you want to check them out


Angus said...

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